Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

(I) Definitions

 In these terms and conditions, ‘we’ and ‘us’ mean: Gigspanner Music Services, a company registered in England Company No. 08136826. Gigspanner Music Services trades as Lexana Publications, Lexana Training and Workshops and private music teaching www.alhodgson.com. ‘You’ means the person or organisation that purchases or receives goods (either/both in hard copy or electronically) from us.

 (II) General Terms & Conditions of Purchase

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements for the sale and or for the supply of goods and downloads. The goods and downloads you obtain from us from us may also be subject to additional terms and conditions issued by us or displayed on our website. The specific terms and conditions relating to performance licences are provided with the paperwork delivered with each product.

All prices quoted in either marketing material or online are subject to change without notice. If applicable, prices are shown inclusive of VAT.

If ordering via a postal/email order form payment is required within 7 days of an order being confirmed. Late payments incur a 3% (non-compound) per 30 calendar days additional charge.

You will be informed via email when any delivery is due.We do not accept responsibility for any failures by a professional carrier.

Any changes to these terms and conditions will be published to all customers/employees within 72 hours of any alteration.

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law.

(3) Returns Policy

Due to the nature of printed materials, and the ease of illicit photocopying, we are unable to accept returns for non-faulty goods.

If you feel the goods supplied are either a) not as described b) not fit for purpose c) faulty please supply written details of the problem and we will consider offering a full-refund.

(4) Payment Options

These are clearly described on the invoice.

(5) Photocopying, Projecting & Reproduction

Once you have completed a purchase you are free to use the music/lyrics/audio for teaching purposes.

Photocopies may be made to support your performances but must be destroyed afterwards.

Please consult the professional copyright bodies for further information:

CCLI http://uk.ccli.com/ CLA http://www.cla.co.uk/ SPML http://schools.cla.co.uk/about-your-licences/schoo...

(6) Performances and Adaptations

No performance licence is required if the audience is made up of staff and pupils from your school (but you do need to inform us that the performance is taking place).

If there is an audience made up of people from outside your school (free or paying an entry fee) you must have a performance licence.

Some of our performance licences are free. Please check before undertaking a performance of any music from lexana.co.uk by emailing info@lexana.co.uk

You may adapt scripts and music lyrics from lexana.co.uk as you see fit.

Every publication from lexana.co.uk is uniquely marked so any copyright infringements can be easily traced back to their original source.

All concert/show/play programmes and literature must carry the words: ‘With special thanks to Lexana Music Publications www.lexana.co.uk’


You are not permitted to  share your videos with other people.

You are not permitted to download the videos to a mass storage device (for example your computer or external hard drive).

Using various tracking devices it is easy to see if a video is being shared without authorisation. In this event your right to use the video will be revoked without notice.

Lexana Publications Lexana.co.uk is part of the 

Gigspanner Music Services Group

Company No. 08136826

Registered office: The Quadrant Centre, Limes Road, Weybridge KT13 8DH.