• Minuet from Sonata V by Giuseppe St. Martini

Minuet from Sonata V by Giuseppe St. Martini

(6 Sonatas or Duets for 2 German Flutes Compof'd for the Temple of Apollo c.1747)

Giuseppe St. Martini 1695-1750

Arranged for Young Orchestra by AL H J Hodgson to suit musicians of approximately ABRSM Grade 1-4 standard.

Listen to a demo midi performance below

Flute 1 (Concert 1) Flute 2 (Concert 2) Generic Concert 3 and 4 Oboe (Concert 5)
Clarinet 1 in Bb (Bb 1) Clarinet 2 in Bb (Bb 2) 
Alto Sax. 1 (Eb 1) Alto Sax. 2 (Eb 2) 
Trumpet 1 in Bb (Bb 3) Trumpet 2 in Bb (Bb 4) Trombone (Bass Clef 1)
Timpani (C and G) Glockenspiel
Violin 1 (Concert 6) Violin 2 (Concert 7) Violin 3 (Concert 8) Viola 
'Cello 1 (Bass Clef 2)  'Cello 2 (Bass Clef 3) (Double-Bass (Bass Clef 4)
Easy piano

+ up to 4 additional parts as described in Bespoke Series

Giuseppe Sammartini (also known as St Martini) 1695-1750 was an Italian composer, oboist and flautist from Milan.  Despite being from Italy he spent most of his professional life working in London. Sammartini composed music  towards the end of the Baroque Era, but many of his compositions demonstrate a leaning towards more Classical  nuances. These Minuets from Sonata I were originally a duet for two flutes, and are part of a series of Baroque music compositions that have been adapted for various ensembles. 

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Minuet from Sonata V by Giuseppe St. Martini

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